First Prize:
Team # 32: Waste Samaritan
Second Prize:
Team # 05: CPDMITES
Third Prize:
Team # 07: The Builders
Special Prize from CRI - USA:
Team # 31 :  Hands - on segregation
Daily Dump Challenge:
Team # 28 : Untitled
Finalists after the 45 day challenge
1. Trixie
Bangalore generated about 57,000 tons of e-waste per annum as per a report in ‘The Hindu’ on 22nd April 2014. An estimated 90% is recycled by the informal sector. Major informal recycling happens in Nayandahalli on Mysore Road and Jolly Mohalla near Chikpet.
‘Trixie’ looks to address the two major problems that mostly affect the waste picker mothers
and their children:
1. exposure to a hazardous and dangerous environment because of the use of primitive and junked tools (like knives and blades) – with high risks to safety, health and serious infections.
2. very low productivity of wire stripping resulting in sub-optimal earnings that restrict the growth of the business.
Solution: A simple to operate, safe mechanical tool which will increase the productivity of waste
pickers working in wire recycling.
2. Waste Samaritans
Collection of the weight of dry waste generated at a house hold level was challenging for the Dry Waste Collector with the manual weighing and recording of the data in addition to the burgeoning duty of collecting the waste. Besides, he also faces complaints regarding his attendance despite exercising his duties with due diligence.
Problem Statements:
1. No waste metering system available in India as of today and collection of data at the end-point
has resulted in unrealistic estimation of actual landfill capacities.
2. Lack of waste collector feedback system leading to sparsely prevalent and improper segregation
practices resulting in ineffective and lesser material recovery from the value chain.
The Solution – A “PAY as YOU trash” system that includes a

1. Wireless weighing scale.
2. Waste collector’s mobile app
3. Citizen’s mobile app
4. Data storage and analytics platform with DWCC inventory portals
5. Incentivisation through Gamification