We have an eminent panel of judges to decide the outcomes of the hackathon. A brief profile of each of them is below:


Annamma, was a waste picker since her childhood and now in her forties she is a confident entrepreneur running a Dry Waste Collection Center (DWCC). She started in a very humble way with both her parents and her siblings being waste pickers. Got married at 20- together with her husband she continue to do the same work. 

As a member of Hasiru Dala she got trained in managerial skills. She runs Dry Waste Collection Center (DWCC) as an operator and also employs four more waste-pickers in her center. Thereby regularizing the collective income.  Hasiru Dala changed her and her husband’s life. Both started saving little by little, with that they were able to own a house, and desire better future for their wards.  In spite of having difficulties she has not given up her dream of educating her children. She is educating her children for better future, with her daughter scoring 86 percent in 10th standard and is continuing her studies.


Annamma remembers rainy nights spent under makeshift tents of sticks and plastic sheets, and scorching hot days spent in an endless search for scrap. She remembers being shunned by society, harassed by police, and viewed with suspicion wherever she went foraging. She never expected any better from life.

Occupational identity card facilitated by Hasiru Dala gave her legitimacy and a defense against harassment by authorities. The card also entitles her to benefits like health care and a scholarship for her children. But that’s only the beginning of the transformation Annamma has experienced. There is more waiting in the store.


Dr. Monto Mani

Monto Mani is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies and an Associate Faculty with the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science. His research interest broadly includes sustainability and human settlements, with specific interest in sustainable architecture and design. He received his doctorate in 2003 from IIT Madras specializing in Sustainability and Human Settlements. He is an Architect with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering. He has recently been a (DST) BOYSCAST fellow with the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland.

Monto’s Sustainability by Design (Su-desi) lab includes a multi-disciplinary group of researchers working in diverse areas of sustainability including Integrability of PV for buildings, sustainable manufacturing, sustainability integrated LCA and Capability Approach integrated Design for the Bottom of the Pyramid. His postgraduate course on Technology & Sustainability trains students in sustainability principles, appreciation and evaluation pertaining to technology and design. He has co-authored a book on Sustainability in Human Settlements, Co-edited two books and has extensive international journal and conference publications on diverse areas pertaining to sustainability.


K C Bhushan

Bhushan helps social impact startups as a mentor and investor.  In the past he co-founded and managed Samvad HIV Helpline.  In other age, he was an entrepreneur in the software industry.  Having exited from his venture then, he swore not to do performance appraisals again! He is still recovering.

He loves vegetarian food and is constantly looking for treats. Bhushan has a BTech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay and a degree in management from IIM Ahmedabad. 


Stanley Gomes

Mr. Stanley Gomes is Canada’s Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Southern India, covering Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. He was posted to India in July 2014 and is based in Bangalore. Mr. Gomes holds a MBA in International Trade from the University in Ottawa, Canada and specializes in Management Consulting and Change Management. During his 26 year career, Mr. Gomes has lived and worked in 10 countries around the world, 15 of those years were spent in the Oil and Gas and Technology industries, while the past 11 years have been with the Public Service of Canada focused on International Affairs, Trade and Development.



A former mining engineer and Bengaluru City president of the Lok Satta Party, Ramakanth first worked informally with the resident’s welfare association at Sadashivnagar where he lives, till he and a few like-minded residents formed SWMRT an NGO in July 2011.He has a one-point agenda to turn Bengaluru back into the Garden City it once was. And to achieve this, N S Ramakanth and his green warriors are working simultaneously with residents and municipal authorities. The solution: segregating garbage at its source to make recycling of dry waste possible.

Going straight to the source, Ramakanth and other SWMRT volunteers counsel people in various localities. They have also been training municipal officials on the merits of garbage segregation. .

There is a law in place for garbage segregation, he informs us. In 2000, the Supreme Court passed the Municipal Solid Waste Rules that required people to separate their waste. “But not one single city follows this directive as the law is not enforced,” he rues. “We only know how to compromise.”




Anselm Rosario

Anselm Rosario is the pioneer who started work among the Waste Picking families and their children in Bangalore. Early eighties saw him being involved with the urban poor issues in Bangalore and founded Ragpickers Educationand Development Scheme in 1984. This was followed by innovative projects like Street Kids International Courier Service, Meals on wheels and similar creative scheme for street children and slum dwellers.  The crown of his achievements is the founding of Waste Wise Project.


Mr. Anselm Rosario has been active for the past three decades, in various capacities, advocating the cause of the urban poor and environment.  The areas of his specialization are education and development of street children, organization and empowerment of slum dwellers, expertise in solid waste management, and sanitation and health hygiene education among the low-income groups.  His services have been availed by the Department of Women and Children Development, Karnataka Government, Bangalore City Corporation, Karnataka Slum Clearance Board, Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, UNICEF, UNDP, Indore and Orissa Government.  His organization is one of leading non-government organization in Bangalore and he himself has international repute.


He had been awarded “Ashoka Fellowship” from the Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Arlington, Virginia, USA, during 1989.  He had been awarded “Public Relations Award 1993 for Environment” for his significant contribution to the creation of cleaner urban habitat by Public Relation Society of India, Bangalore Chapter.  He was awarded “Environment Award for 1995”, by the Karnataka Pollution Control Board, Government of Karnataka. He has been selected as one of the three finalists of St. Andrews Prize, in an International Contest held by St. Andrews University,  Scotland, in which applicants from 42 countries responded. Currently, he is involved in pioneering closed loop systems in waste management with its roots deeply embedded in the cause of informal sector in waste management.


Sashi Rajamani

Sashi is a seasoned leader in the IT industry with over 2 decades of experience, doing Business Development and Delivery roles, across the globe – USA, Singapore, Europe, Australia, Canada and India. Her main focus has been in building technology platforms and providing solutions to strategic customers. She was actively involved in M&A and integration activities during her tenure in various companies.

She started her career with Wipro Systems, and then moved on to TCS, and exited her corporate career after a long stint at CSC. She has also explored the Social Sector by starting and managing a NGO, VMEF, in Bangalore India. The objective of the organization is two folds – Poverty Alleviation in Rural India by bringing holistic interventions, and to promote robotic technology in cancer treatments across the globe.  She also created a technology platform to baseline and track impact for every intervention provided under both programs. 

While leading the strategy and operations for the foundation, she also created a mobile based technology platform for rural India. Currently she heads the Grants Review Committee for Social Venture Partners, a platform for impactful giving. She also volunteers her time in mentoring leadership teams, helping with market linkages, and enabling concept to execution of socially impactful ideas.  Works with Corporates to assist them with their CSR strategies. She has been working with Government schools in the area of language and math for primary years and child safety. She strives to be a sibling and best friend to her daughter.


Laxmi Narasimhan - Shell

Dr Chilkoor S LaxmiNarasimhan is currently General Manager, Centre for novel Catalytic Materials, Shell Technology centre, Bangalore, India. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Ghent, Belgium. LaxmiNarasimhan has 29 years of Refining & Petrochemicals Technology expertise, primarily in the area of Hydro processing, Catalysis in Refining & Petrochemicals, Heavy Oil up gradation, Biomass to Hydrocarbon process development (IH2) &commercialization.He led more than 10 business improvement programs in Refining; developed and commercialized 2 new technologies. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and recipient of Indian Chemicals Manufacturing Award. He has over 30 publications in various high Impact factor journals and several conference papers. He has over 10 patents granted/ applied.


Nalini Shekar

“The entrepreneurial zeal of wastepickers and other informal economy workers inspire me. They stand against all odds, fight on the streets and are able to sustain themselves. They aspire for a better life. I believe that our collective social liberation is attached to theirs, and that keeps me moving,” says Nalini Shekar, founder of Hasiru Dala- a membership based organization of 7000 wastepickers in Bengaluru.


Hasiru Dala is one of the fastest growing waste ventures in Bangalore with distinct social orientation.The fight and mission of Hasiru Dala is to provide level playing field for disadvantaged groups and encourage them to undertake micro-enterprise models and transform them in scalable economic institutions providing waste management services to public and private institutions. To take it forward Hasiru Dala evolved Total Waste Management Services, at present catering to  the waste management needs of more than 12000 households in Bengaluru on paid basis and employing more than 49 erstwhile wastepickers.


Hasiru Dala has many firsts to its credit, including the issuance of identity cards by the municipal urban body, advocating the institution of segregation of waste at source, and integrating wastepickers into the mainstream solid waste management process.   Hasiru Dala created over 500 jobs in 2014 which translates into 0.3% of all non-IT related jobs in the country created that year.  


She has won many accolades for her work including the Kempegowda Award from the City of Bangalore. Finalist for Namma Bengaluru Award which is nominated by citizens of Bangaluru. An award from the Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission, honored by the San Jose City Government for her work with immigrants, a Certificate of Honour from the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a Star Award from the Asian Community in San Francisco Bay Area. Recently she was chosen as one of 100 women in India who make a difference in the society by BBC.Com. She is also been featured in a Coffee Book.


In addition to Hasiru Dala, Nalini is an urban organic farmer and has a terrace where she grows vegetables and fruits rich in nutrition. With plans for expanding Hasiru Dala in five different cities of India, she is looking for another five years of business oriented life. The growth of Hasiru Dala moved her husband, who was Marketing Professor in a prestigious business college to her venture. He is joining Hasiru Dala soon and is looking forward to be an employee of a venture initiated by his wife. Nalini stays in Bengaluru with her husband Shekar and canine daughter Ginger.