Frequently asked questions

1) Can I still register?

A: New registrations are now closed. Thank you for your interest.

2)How much is the registration fee?

A: None- It’s an entry free Hackathon

3)Does the event provide transportation?

A: No. You have to come to the designated venues on your own.

4) Which will be the Central venue for the event?                                          

A: CPDM (Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing),IISc (Indian Institute of Science)

5) Who all are eligible to participate?

A: You. Everyone with a passion and a will to do something about it is welcome. Technical skills are welcome

6) Why to participate?

A:First of its kind event. Great opportunity to network. Chance for a start up support, Attractive cash prizes, Tasty organic food .

7) What to bring?

A: Filled WATER BOTTLE, only two electronic gadgets ( Mobile and Laptop) and an open mind

8) Team size

A: No restrictions. At least one member should be a waste collector. There will be waste collector participants too. Typical team sizes do not exceed 5 members

9) When is the team formed?

A: 2nd Day of event (27th March) through a design workshop and process.

10) Is any accommodation provided at the venue?

A: No accommodation is provided for the participants during this event. Participants are requested to make their own accommodation arrangements in Bengaluru

11) Will all my requests for hackshop materials be available?

A: We will do our best to provide a wide range of materials for the hackshop. But we cannot guarantee availability of any materials.

12) If i bring my own materials, will be reimbursed?

A: Sorry, we will not be able to reimburse you for any expenses or additional materials incurred