The Core Team behind the Hackathon

The core team behind the hackathon. Do get in touch with us for any assistance during the hackathon.

Dr Amaresh Chakrabarti

Amaresh Chakrabarti is professor and Chairman at the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He has BE in Mech Engg from Univ. of Calcutta (now IIEST Shibpur), India, ME in Mech Design from IISc, and PhD in Engg Design from Univ. of Cambridge, UK. After PhD, he led for 10 years the Design Synthesis team at the EPSRC Centre for Excellence Engg Design Centre at Univ. of Cambridge, before joining IISc. His interests are in design synthesis & creativity, eco-design & sustainability, and product informatics. He authored/edited 13 books, over 270 peer-reviewed articles, and has eight  patents granted/pending. He co-authored DRM, a methodology used widely as a framework for engineering design research, and served on editorial boards of 13 International Journals. Prof Chakrabarti has been elected to the Advisory Board and Board of Management of the Design Society, CII National Committee on Design India, and member of Jury for the India Design Mark. He founded IDeASLab – the first design observatory in India, and co-founded the first smart factory in India. He is Programme chair for International Conference on Research into Design (ICoRD. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Engineering Designers, UK – the only peer society under the UK Royal Charter in engineering design, and recipient of TUM Ambassador Award from TU Munich Germany. 13 of his papers won top paper awards in international conferences. He has collaborated extensively with academia and industry in various countries e.g. with University of Tokyo and Panasonic Japan, University of Northumbria and British Aerospace, UK, TUM and ABB, Germany, and UT Austin and Boeing USA.


Dr Manish Arora

Dr. Manish Arora has a PhD in applied physics at University of Twente, the Netherlands (2006) and B. Tech (Chemical Engineering) from IIT-Delhi (2002). He did postdoctoral research at Institute of Biomedical Engineering at University of Oxford, UK (2006-08) and was faculty there 2008-10. Subsequently, he worked at GE-Global Research, Bangalore as Lead Scientist in Biomedical Signal Analysis Lab (2010-12). He was recipient of Grand Challenges research grant from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for development of low-cost low-power mobile ultrasound scanner. Dr. Arora has also worked Institute of Microelectronics and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore as Senior Research Fellow. Dr. Arora has over 70 research publications and 6 patents applications granted/applied from his research career. Dr. Arora founded social innovation platform 'Open Medical Devices' for development of open-source technologies for affordable and accessible healthcare technologies. Dr. Arora has recently joined Indian Institute of Science as faculty at Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing and interested in co-creation and user-centric design in healthcare space.


Gayitri Handanahal

Gayitri has served for 10 years in the social sector under diverse areas such as livelihoods for rural BPL women which was her own initiative, Safe Drinking Waste in rural India with the  Naandi Foundation, Municipal Solid Waste Management with Waste Impact.

She has worked for 6 years as faculty in leading Fashion Institutes, 24 yrs in the Fashion Industry with some of the best names at various managerial levels, mainly in export marketing.

For the last three years she has been working in Solid Waste Management.


A.Vijay Simha

Graduated from BITS Pilani in 1979 and has  a career spanning over 30 years in a number of sectors including semiconductor manufacturing, analytical instrumentation, bioprocess engineering, industrial process control, factory automation and large volume manufacturing, aerospace and medical devices, mainly in start ups and greenfield projects in the roles that span marketing, project management, business strategy, product life cycle management and investing. He has a strong inclination towards building technologies that are disruptive in nature.


Currently he is engaged in a start-up that is building a critical care mechanical ventilator that promises to make this treatment modality easier to use, more reliable and cheaper to operate. As an evangelist for medical technology innovation in India, is associated with the FICCI Advisory Council on Innovation participating in developing advocacy, conducting workshops, creating a multi-stakeholder platforms for activities related to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and recommending policy reforms to spur global competitiveness in the SME sector using innovation. He is on the advisory board of Lemelson Foundation based out of Portland Oregon USA. He is also associated with Waste Impact, an NGO that works in a citizen's initiative for a smart and beautiful community focusing on the use of science and technology to improve the management of solid waste and e-waste.


Anand Kumar Padmanaban

Anand Kumar Padmanaban is a certified manager(CM) from ICPM USA and is a senior professional with over 20 years experience in High Technology and related Professional Services businesses. He is currently COO & Vice President (India Operations) For PowerOne, an innovation driving smart metering services, an executive director for HR.Com India, a principal of ELADO consulting and is currently involved in an advisory capacity in a healthcare and sustainable furniture startup.

His expertise is in the areas of New Ventures, Business Model and Value Innovation, the effective use of technology/IT, Business Transformation and Professional Services Business Management. Anand has managed international technology transfer and collaboration agreements with companies in Europe and the US. Anand holds degrees in Electronics, Industrial Engineering and Management. Anand has been actively involved with the GMCI and CII and mentors and coaches many startups.

Anand also is a trustee with the People's Education Society in Chennai and volunteers by running the Rural Employability Advancement Programs (REAP) and coaching programs for the NGO. Anand has also written articles for the Huffington Post , Silicon India,DataQuest and Voice and Data, etc.


Shriram Bharathan R

Shriram is the co-founder for Better Carbon Living, a sustainability education and consulting startup based out of Bangalore. He believes that we can make a difference now with small steps so that future generations can live more harmoniously with their surroundings.

His areas of competency include Marketing and Business development, Strategy, Project management, Education and Training, Business and Financial Planning and setting up new units / businesses / divisions / companies (Strategy --> Operations). He has over 11 years of work experience across sectors and locations in India.  

Shriram has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, a postgraduate in management and teaching qualifications through the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. He is a member of Mensa India and his other interests include football, food, movies and traveling.  


Priti Rao

Academically, she has done her Masters in Business Administration from Bangalore University. She was actively involved in National Cadet Corp, Air Wing during her college years and has represented Karnataka and Goa Contingent at Republic Day Camp New Delhi way back in 1995. There she has won couple of Gold medals at National Level for her Flying and Aeromodelling. The zeal to learn hasn't stopped her ambition at this point, she is a certified Yoga Teacher and specialises in Yoga for Mentally Challenged sector and recently finished her black belt in Shotokan Karate.

Priti, has worked for over a decade in corporate before venturing into something she is passionate about. Nature, children and our education system always inspired her do something which is not just learning but also fun in discovering the joy.

Now, under the umbrella of Soil and Soul she fulfills all her desires to explore experiential learning. This journey of exploration started after she became mother.  She wishes to give all the goodies available on earth and hence the seed was sown in mind to bring in difference in lives, the way we live, the way we think, the way we are connected to nature, understood the fact that We are the part of Nature, Nature is not our part and decided to live in harmony with all the living things in and around us. It made her world full of life , a new perspective towards happiness, happiness in small little things, happiness in understanding subtle science of nature, happiness in sharing all that she learnt. She leads a zero waste life and wishes to explore the ideology of Waste as a Resource.



A cross pollinating entrepreneur gathering by far, those wicked problems, incomplete, contradictory, resilient to analysis and deliberate on solutions that take into account complex inter-dependencies.

He curates and builds collaborative platforms for nascent start-ups and scripts ways of being self-reliant in the practice of entrepreneurship. He is also an avid world cinema connoisseur, screenwriter, critic and a blogger.

He is the co-founder of Environment for Learning Advisory & Development Outcomes ( ELADO) and the founder of Angel Writer.


Vijay B

Vijay has worked in domains such as finance, capital markets and network security.  As part of the CiSTUP team at IISc, he has worked on research on Smart Cities and is currently a key part of the team working on the campus-wide solid waste management project called SWaMII (Solid Waste Management Initiative for IISc).