45 day challenge

The 45 day challenge is an opportunity to work on and convert your ideas / solutions during the Reimagine Waste Hackathon into viable business opportunities. Here is whats going to happen in the next 45 days:

1. All teams which participated in the 'ReimagineWaste Hackathon' are eligible to register for the 45 day challenge.


2. Team reorganisation is acceptable , provided each faction has a 'Domain Expert' as a part of the team.


3. 'Reorganised' teams must work on the same solution as the original teams


4. However some teams had worked on multiple solutions. In which case the 'reorganised' teams can work on any/some of those solutions.


5. All interested teams must register on or before 14th April 2016, through the 'ReimagineWaste' website.


6. We will be having :


  • An initial review on the 16th April 2016
  • A mid point evaluation on the 30th April 2016

7. The final presentation will be on 30th May 2016.Evaluation will be on the basis of progress made in terms of:


  • Concept Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Feasibility
  • Business Model and
  • Domain Experts' validation

8. We will be providing/suggesting mentors for the challenge period.


9. We will support prototyping costs up to Rs.10000/- per team provided prior approval is taken.


10. Best 'Solutions' will get incubated by reputed venture partners such as SVP and Upaya. Select solutions will also be mentored by various stakeholders in the waste ecosystem.


Please note that the 45 day challenge has already started as on 4th April. Only the registration is on or before the 14th. So please do not stop working on your wonderful solutions.


'For any queries during the 45 day challenge, please contact Gayitri Handanahal at +91 98450 52536