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Due to section 144 being imposed, the hackathon is rescheduled to the 7th, 8th,14th and 15 Dec 2019.

We regret the inconvenience. 

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 When: 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th Dec 2019

(Yes, 4 days spread over two weekends)

IIM Bangalore


ReimagiNEWaste is series of Waste Hackathons designed to speed up the process of co-creation of innovative and inclusive entrepreneurial solutions to various issues around waste. Each edition fouces on a specific theme involving waste . We are unique because we are:
-IMMERSIVE: we take participants on site visits to witness the problems first hand
-INCLUSIVE: we involve and invite to the hackathon, all stakeholders of the theme, inclusing waste pickers, manual scavengers, pourokarmikas etc. 
-INCUBATION: we don't let the ideas end after the hackathon, we offer incubation opportunities for teams to run  sucessful start-ups. 

Structure of REimagiNEWaste 4


Day 1

07 dec 2019 


We take you on a field trip to witness the problem first hand! Participants are taken to Biomedical waste generators, handlers, transporters and disposers, and also get to interact with the various stakeholders to get a first hand real world  understanding about the current situation. We beleive this exposure  is very important as it informs participants about the reality of the issue, rather than from hearing or reading about it. It both enables and inspire participants  to identify real problems  in biomedical waste management that have entrepreneurial opportunity. 

Day 2

08 dec 2019 


Based on the exposure from Day 1, participant's pitch a problem they identified that they would like to work on. Teams are then formed around these pitched problems.* Day 2 also has a Design Thinking workshop and Business Canvas Workshop to aid in problem identification and the process of coming up with an entrepreneurial solution. 


*We insist that each team should have one domain expert, who is a person who will be impacted by your solution (for expample, a waste picker if you are offereing better segregation method).  who will be the reality check 

Day 3

14 dec 2019 


Now that problems have been identified based on first-fand exposure to the Biomedical Waste Management system and stakeholders,  teams have been formed, and necessary trainings have been conducted, it's time to HACK HACK HACK! 

We will provide you access to a hack shop that has various materials to test out your ideas. We will also have various mentors present through the day  to assist you in the hacking process. These will include people with entrepreneurial experience, techincal expertise and those well versed with the waste management space. 

Teams register their solution by midnight. 

Day 4

15 dec 2019 


After a long day (and night) of hacking, teams spend the morning preparing their pitch deck and prepare for the pitching session in the afternoon. At the pitching session, expert judges are present to choose the winning teams  with the most promising entrepreneurial solution to a relavant problem in Biomedical Waste Management. Prize money of upto 1 lac is awarded to winning teams to take that ideas into action. 

WHAT next?

45 day challenge and incubation 

For those serious about taking  their ideas forward  a 45  day  challenge is launched where teams sign up for mentorship and advice from relavent experts.

At the end of 45 days, teams are selected for incubation based on their performance and dedication to grow their start-up with continued access to mentors and some more funds. 

Previous themes






Collaborate : in our efforts
Co-Create: end to end solutions
Co-invest: in waste management



Today’s hyper-developing India is stymied by the growing task of waste management, disposal and education. Government, industry and society are faced with the daunting challenge of rethinking their approach, systems and services associated with waste disposal. Where does the problem begin?


Fact is that the health risks are only increasing impacting everyone and everything. From little schoolchildren to adult waste workers, land to living. It’s time to start the clean up, bottom up.

To bring together disruptive thinkers, tinkerers and innovators to rethink, redesign and reimagine systems, services and constructs. It’s time to renew . And the movement starts with you. 

REimagiNEWaste 4th edition's theme is Biomedical Waste.

Calling all stake holders including Citizens, Innovators, Technologists, Designers & Entrepreneurs to collaborate and co-create innovative solutions to enhance Dignity, Empowerment and Better Livelihoods. 


Garbage doesn't have to be a dirty thing.


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